Prior to a consultation, I like to offer a brief complimentary telephone conversation to get acquainted and discuss the scope of your project.   

I provide recommendations based on my education within the design and horticultural fields, and the knowledge I’ve gained through hands-on experience.   

Consultations are essential to an engaging process.

From Concept…Defining your ideal results, 

to Implementation…Creating a plan, 

and finally Coaching…Supporting progression, 

you’ll discover a new kind of landscape and a new way of enjoying it. 

One size does not fit all! Your project is unique. You may only require a kickstart in the right direction or a helping hand along the way. The choice is yours! 

The minimum consultation time is 1 hour.


A complete landscape design is thoughtfully constructed, one step at a time.  The focus of this on-site introductory meeting is to gather the information that will direct the process of creating your ideal landscape. I’ll describe ways to utilize space efficiently, create a welcoming feel, and enhance outdoor living spaces, all within an ecologically friendly design. We’ll also discuss how the maintenance your yard will require is directly relational to how good your foundation is.


Step 1

We’ll talk about your landscape preferences, needs, and goals, and focus on desired results.

Step 2

I’ll evaluate existing site conditions such as water patterns, soil type, microclimates, established plants, topography, utilities, and community requirements. This will build the foundation for a design that aligns both with nature and your community.

Step 3

Recommendations will be given to kick-start design solutions that build structure, organize, and transform space, and create unity and flow throughout the landscape.

A bubble diagram will be sketched to illustrate the overall project layout.

A written summary and copy of the landscape diagram will be sent to you via email.    


Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden? Plants and nature are good for our health.  Yet many of our landscaping habits are harmful to us and the environment. We overwater excessive lawns, apply needless amounts of chemical fertilizers and herbicides, contribute enormous amounts of air and noise pollution and stuff black plastic bags with green “waste” for our landfills.  There is a better way!   

Discover healthier ways to care for your garden that have infinite positive effects on your plants, the environment, and your family’s health!  In addition, these new habits will save time and money.  

The focus of this on-site meeting is to identify what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve the health and aesthetics of your garden. I’ll provide ideas to help turn your ideas into a reality, and solutions for creating a long lasting, beautiful garden.   


Step 1

As we walk through your garden, I'll evaluate it's current conditions while discussing your current landscaping practices.

Step 2

I'll provide recommendations and advise on best practices for maintaining your garden, based on your individual circumstances.

Step 3

Recommendations will be given for plants that will naturally thrive in their location, add seasonal interest and color, attract wildlife, and have little need for maintenance.

A written summary and list of recommended plants will be sent to you via email.  


Salt Lake County and Northern Utah County
*Locations outside of the service area may incur additional travel fees.


Payment is due at the time of consultation.
Consultations are $225 /HR
Designs start at $500.
Accepting cash, check, and Venmo as forms of payment.
Full payment for design work is due at the consultation or before beginning design work.

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