Ecological Landscape Consultations and Design

Gardenflow Designs is dedicated to designing thoughtfully planned, unique landscapes that provide regenerative solutions for our environment, invite people to interact with nature, and create beautiful living spaces.


Reconnecting people with nature, healthier environments, and enjoyable outdoor living.  

It only takes one action to start a ripple effect.

Why We Should Work Together

If your goals and visions are aligned with most of the following statements, then we are likely a good fit.

Protecting natural resources and including habitat friendly plants for wildlife in your garden are important to you because they support an ecologically rich environment and provide a greater opportunity to connect with nature.

You appreciate a collaborative design process and recognize that a strong foundational plan is key to creating a successful landscape.

Removal of excessive lawn areas that are not utilized or water efficient is a landscape goal.

Incorporating at least some native plant species into your new plant palette is appealing.

You enjoy spending time outdoors and would like to increase your home’s outdoor living potential.

Why Choose Us

The Gardenflow Difference


Every Gardenflow idea and recommendation is based on the client’s best interest.  Nurseries may sell plants based on popularity, even if they don’t grow well in our Utah climate.

Contractors may sell designs based on their area of expertise, more than design principles.  

The Gardenflow client’s best interest is always at the heart of each design.


Everything in our environment is connected, especially in nature.  Band-Aid solutions that don’t address the root of a problem end up prolonging issues. 

They allow problems to grow and often cause new problems if not resolved.

Gardenflow recommendations are based on addressing the root of a problem and use a broad-view perspective to prevent costly mistakes and provide long term solutions.


Immediate, positive results are fantastic. 

Lasting, positive results are priceless, especially when they improve over time. A Gardenflow landscape is created through an engaging process that transforms how your landscape looks, the way it grows, and how you live within it. 

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